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The One Before The One

The One Before The One By Katy Regan The One Before The One year old Caroline Steele is a woman in denial After calling off her wedding to teenage sweetheart Martin she should be moving on Instead she s racked with guilt drowning her sorrows with Pinot Gr

  • Title: The One Before The One
  • Author: Katy Regan
  • ISBN: 9780007277384
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • The One Before The One By Katy Regan 32 year old Caroline Steele is a woman in denial After calling off her wedding to teenage sweetheart Martin, she should be moving on Instead she s racked with guilt, drowning her sorrows with Pinot Grigio and has developed a penchant for dressing up in her never used wedding dress.
    The One Before The One By Katy Regan

    • ☆ The One Before The One ✓ Katy Regan
      169 Katy Regan
    The One Before The One

    One thought on “The One Before The One

    1. Emer on said:

      Mum used to say you wait till your 30s Caroline Your 30s are the happiest time in your life because you will know who you are and what you want.Sometimes I feel like that is the biggest piece of misinformation I ve ever been fed In fact sometimes, I get this feeling like is this it Is my only stab at happiness over already I don t feel particularly inspired to write this review There was nothing too wrong with this book but there was nothing too right either It just doesn t have that special som [...]

    2. Tara Anderton on said:

      This was a light easy read that kept me coming back Lexi and Wayne were my favourite characters

    3. Frida on said:

      I love me a little bit of chick lit every once in a while, but this was one was just so silly Maybe it s because I m 17 myself, but I couldn t stand Lexi s character It seems like she s either drunk, pregnant, or making casual conversation with 30 year old drug dealers She goes from one potential disaster to the next Is this how 17 year olds act Really Although, to be fair, Caroline isn t much better either The entire book is just a build up until that pivotal moment when she realises that havin [...]

    4. Harriet Quimby on said:

      I enjoyed this book a lot.I have to say my favourite character was definitely Shona She managed to just make me laugh and she seemed like such a genuine character person.I found the Caroline a little annoying but I enjoyed her all the same.Lexi was again another face she made me laugh and I fell in love with her from the beginning.Overall I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it.

    5. Rea Cobb on said:

      Katy Regan is a new author to me After reading this book I googled her and have found that she has released a book before this one called One Thing Led To Another Now that I have finished The One before The One I cannot wait to go back and read her first book I am not sure why I hadn t heard of her before as the book was a great read my only thing is I am not over keen on the cover of the book Plot Meet Caroline who is our main character she has called of the wedding to her long term partner Mar [...]

    6. Kim on said:

      Het leven van de twee ndertigjarige Caroline had erop vooruit moeten gaan nadat ze, drie maanden voor de bruiloft, haar verloving met Martin had verbroken Met inmiddels een nieuwe to do list, een bloeiende carri re en een geheime minnaar heeft ze het toch maar mooi voor elkaar Denkt ze Totdat haar halfzusje Lexi van zeventien onverwachts op de stoep staat en per se bij Caroline in Londen de zomer wil doorbrengen Gedurende de zomer tuimelen de elementen van Carolines leven inclusief exen, minnaar [...]

    7. Leen on said:

      Caroline is een typische dertiger ze heeft net een einde gemaakt aan haar jarenlange, stabiele relatie met een brave jongen, heeft een allesbehalve spannende carri re n uiteraard een seksrelatie met de getrouwde hottie van het werk Alles loopt dus op rolletjes als onverwacht haar tienerhalfzus aanbelt om de zomer bij haar in het grote, coole Londen te mogen doorbrengen Beide vrouwen hebben genoeg geheimen voor elkaar om een soort spanning vast te houden doorheen het hele verhaal, maar zodra De M [...]

    8. Danielle on said:

      This is a perfect holiday read light and frothy with funny moments I enjoyed it, and finished it quickly but it didn t make a deep impression on me and I won t be re reading it I felt that some of the characters could have been developed , particularly the history of Caroline and Lexi s relationship, which only came to life late in the story In contrast, I liked the way Caroline s relationship with Toby was portrayed it seemed quite a realistic and thoughtful depiction of the turmoil caused by a [...]

    9. Zoe on said:

      A feel good, fun and flirty chick lit 32 year old Caroline Steele is in a pickle Not only is she having an affair with a married man, she can t seem to let go of her ex fiance whom she ditched weeks before their wedding Caroline s 17 year old sister Lexi comes to stay for the summer and what at first seemed like a disaster in waiting, turned out to be the very thing Caroline needed to turn her life around Of course, chick lit wouldn t be chick lit without a love story thrown in for good measure [...]

    10. Samantha on said:

      Well I didn t hate it, so I guess The One Before the One has THAT going for it Good thing, because it doesn t have much else Caroline is not very easy character to warm to she s self absorbed and completely unaware of how her behavior affects the lives of both her friends and her family Despite Regan s efforts to redeem Caroline at the end, it all just fell short And what even was that epilogue Yuck, yuck, yuck.

    11. Catherine on said:

      I wasn t sure about Caroline at the beginning of this book she s one hell of a hot mess But I soon warmed to her and had my fingers crossed she would get her HEA The One Before the One had me LOLing on several occassions If chick lit that s not too fluffy is your thing or you just need an easy read that will make you smile you can t go past Katy Regan

    12. Jennifer Payne on said:

      Didn t have high expectations but I enjoyed it than I thought I would I loved the epilogue great ending

    13. Dawn on said:

      I really enjoyed this book, the characters were relatable and very funny I love the way Katy Regan writes and I am looking forward to reading of her books.

    14. Hannah on said:

      Nice to read a chick lit book about someone in their early 30s Had thought I was too old to identify with chick lit characters Fun and easy to read.

    15. Letitia on said:

      A poorly chosen title in my opinion, as it has little to do with what the book is actually about However, it was a decently written and fairly enjoyable bit of chick lit.

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