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Explosion in Paris

Explosion in Paris By Linda Masemore Pirrung Explosion in Paris Explosion in Paris is the story of one woman s determination to better her life because she has finally found the man of her dreams By refusing to accept her husband s death sentence assessment of her

  • Title: Explosion in Paris
  • Author: Linda Masemore Pirrung
  • ISBN: 9781440140747
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Explosion in Paris By Linda Masemore Pirrung Explosion in Paris is the story of one woman s determination to better her life because she has finally found the man of her dreams By refusing to accept her husband s death sentence assessment of her soul, Angela Briann Scott is challenging herself to reach beyond her limits This is especially true since her accidental meeting with the devastatingly handsome Ross Leig Explosion in Paris is the story of one woman s determination to better her life because she has finally found the man of her dreams By refusing to accept her husband s death sentence assessment of her soul, Angela Briann Scott is challenging herself to reach beyond her limits This is especially true since her accidental meeting with the devastatingly handsome Ross Leigh Stafford He s a man of high principles, irreproachable character, unsinkable spirit, and unwavering compassion, all the qualities that her husband, Mitch, is seriously lacking Angie s adopted country of France glows with charm and beauty through her eyes By reinventing herself to save her life, she discovers her true essence and she develops a strong sense of self worth Her impressive success and enduring strength tell a story that will keep readers engrossed to the very end
    Explosion in Paris By Linda Masemore Pirrung

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      107 Linda Masemore Pirrung
    Explosion in Paris

    One thought on “Explosion in Paris

    1. Taylor on said:

      I enjoyed this book cover to cover It really struck a chord with me.The story line is quite good The book is compelling and inspirational Angela s journey is the focal point of Explosion in Paris in which the author interweaves suspenseful accounts of her most harrowing crises with inspiring moments of reflection that lead her to self reliance and self discovery She is desperate to bring focus and meaning to her life again after a disastrous marriage ends catastrophically The clarity of the auth [...]

    2. ATRVS on said:

      Explosion in Paris Linda Mase Pirrung 2009 ISBN 9781440140747 Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views 7 09 From the moment readers start to read they will find themselves caught up in the life of Mitch and Angie a couple who fell madly in love and dreamed of a wonderful life together But there was another side of Mitch Angie didn t know about He wanted everything perfect in his world and he would accept no less, even in his wife He began controlling her by making very strong suggestions a [...]

    3. Pamela M. on said:

      One day while surfing the net I came across this book I had never read anything by this author but her books sounded interesting Reading books about lives of quiet desperation usually don t bring me joy but I was drawn into this one and I was completely sold on these characters The storyline took me so far away from my own daily life that I felt rather lost when I wasn t reading it The suspense wasn t super mind blowing, except for the explosion scene, very well done but the need to know what wa [...]

    4. Brandi Barne on said:

      I was pleasantly surprised by this book When I first read the jacket and looked at the cover I assumed it was another romance novel I was wrong The characters were very real and the story was so interesting that I didn t want to put it down This is of a compelling mystery suspense that has you eager to turn the page to see what is in store for these believable characters A realistic modern marriage goes bad and leads down a murderous path and the joy of the right mix of personalities creates re [...]

    5. Alice Layton on said:

      A fight for life book Reading this book was like opening a window into my heart and soul It was an alluring, multi dimensional story, a witty, double edged tale of intrigue, romance and French culture What could have been a mournful, hopelessly bleak story, the way it started , but instead perseverance, and sheer will turned adversity into an uplifting tale of triumph of the human spirit The author unveils the mask of evil in the grizzly details of a murderer who murders to get control This prov [...]

    6. Mak M. on said:

      HELD ME CAPTIVE PAGE AFTER PAGEFrom all of the beautifully written reviews, my expectations were pretty high, but this book actually exceeded my expectations Where do I start A mark of a good book is its ability to take the reader to new places, to be placed in someone else s shoes to be enabled to see the world from an entirely different vantage point A superb command of language is revealed in this exciting escapade fraught with unpredictable turns and interesting elements and details The stre [...]

    7. Nan on said:

      C EST MAGNIFIQUE A TREAT FOR THE HEART AND MIND I can t believe that none of these wonderful reviews touched on my very favorite part of the book, Angie s new life in her adopted country, Provence, France, adjusting to a new culture, creating a new identity, restarting her career, meeting new friends, and so on Haven t you ever daydreamed about life as you wished it to be That s what this book is, a thoroughly enjoyable retreat from our daily troubles I LOOOVE this book This novel will make you [...]

    8. Mia on said:

      Awesome and exciting A wonderful girl makes good book full of positives a woman clearly makes lemonade out of bitter harsh lemons and creates a life to admire I love these kinds of books I just finished reading again

    9. Hope Phillips on said:

      Hypnotic Tale of a Young Woman s Journey to get her Life Back Explosion in Paris is a compelling story of love, intrigue, foreign adventure and personal growth It was unputdownable for me, especially once I got to chapter three I loved every minute of this hauntingly beautiful novel, although almost a little too good to be true in a place or two I could picture everything so well, like a film playing out before my eyes, the conflicts so vivid and the backdrop of France was delicious There seems [...]

    10. Tracy Campbell on said:

      Captivating Easy read Great summer beach book Will read of this authors works.

    11. Jaqueline on said:

      This book rocks This book was my book club s choice and am happy to report it a success EXPLOSION IN PARIS is a riveting, page turning thrill ride with a side order of great introspection, soul searching and love I was totally sucked into this story I can not imagine the weight that Angie carried on her shoulders I loved how she thought of saving Ross from harm and did not succumb to instant gratification by running to him for protection after the explosion , like most of us would probably find [...]

    12. Lucy Paskell on said:

      The opening chapter of EXPLOSION IN PARIS grabs the reader s attention immediately and sets the tone for the storyline After so many nail biting and riveting twists and surprises, the ending was a satisfying and tearful pleasure and I wanted to go right back to the beginning and read it again.If you love thrills and chills and romance thrown into the mix, as much as I do, settle in for a fascinating ride The intriguing premise where the sympathetic but ultimately strong and courageous character, [...]

    13. Madison Pridgen on said:

      Enthralling, atmospheric, powerful, and simply mesmerizing, Explosion in Paris is one of the best books I ve read this year I knew very little about this book and author so I entered into the experience with no preconceived notions or expectations I ll have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book In fact, it may just be my favorite book of 2011 thus far.Frequently dazzling, Explosion in Paris is a book about the interplay of survival, about the stirrings and transformations set unavoidably in moti [...]

    14. Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews on said:

      I wasn t sure I liked this book at first because it had the male character as an abuser psychological and then physical but it was good to see Angie start to stand up to him after meeting Ross, a guy that brought out the best in her Angie Ross have a deep friendship that turns into All is going well until Angie has to accompany her husband to Paris.where there is an Explosion Life is not the same after that for Angie or Rossfinitely a good read, perhaps it could have done with a little less des [...]

    15. Lara on said:

      This is a wonderful book to escape into with dazzling characters, a believable and intriguing storyline and adventure and romance It is intoxicating with many interesting turn of events and funny escapades that balance out the heartbreaking parts A lot of kick you know what that I really enjoyed Especially women will enjoy this I highly recommend.

    16. Amy Yager on said:

      EXPLOSION IN PARIS was, for me, an inspiring, page turning read I recommend it to all No one should endure an abusive relationship, in a marriage, or otherwise We have choices and this book shows you the way with wit and charm and humor I just loved this Angela Briann Scott and Mitchell Scott are a couple who fell in love and expected to have a wonderful life together But there was another side of Mitch that marrigae brought out Angie finds herself in a sad marriage to a controlling, emotionally [...]

    17. Jade A. on said:

      Explosion in Paris is my latest must read book This is a journal of the heart, soul and mind and we are much the better for having read it It has the right mix of romance, heartache and inspiration that made it a favorite of mine It is loaded with human drama of jaw dropping accomplishment in the most desperate circumstances Angela has erected a fortress around her heart in an effort to find resilience to hang on to her dignity and humanity Mitch, her husband, is a complex soul, if he has a soul [...]

    18. Hannah Prescott on said:

      I loved the end of this beautiful story I could read it over and over again and never get tired of it The great plot line, well thought out characters, realistic feelings and believable settings were captivating The reckoning was simply amazing and fulfilling to the reader in all ways This book holds so much suspense and thrill that I don t see it fathonable for readers to be disappointed So many plot twists combined with wonderful story telling and topped off with a sweet romance that is the ic [...]

    19. Leah on said:

      Among many considerable strengths, EXPLOSION IN PARIS is passionately written with excellent spicy plotting and pacing to create riveting drama and a superb page turner The storyline has an undercurrent of nefarious deeds, secrets and intense wisdom, sidesplitting humor, and incredible memorable characters This is a powerful work of fiction that is life changing and spellbinding and it touched me deep within my soul Rediscover joy and affirm your real worth as you live vicariously through Angela [...]

    20. Suzanne on said:

      Explosion in Paris makes you almost have to make a decision what is worth changing and what is worth keeping in your life as you scan the pages The plot is intriguing and is written with a comical and witty spirit This is an exciting drama of drop your jaw triumph in the most violent conditions It is about hope, loss and reinvention that is deeply touching and blissfully romantic My heart ached for the women in Mitch s life The dialog, full of banter and angst and a sense of humor was fun to rea [...]

    21. Halley on said:

      Explosion in Paris is one of those books that stretches your mind just a little bit further, makes you take a look at the world around you, and forces you to form a parallel between yourself and the profound characters within It s the type of story that makes you feel clear headed and think positively.This book revolves around the choices made based on a truth within oneself even when those choices lead down a most difficult and challenging path The repression of Angela s mind that Mitch seemed [...]

    22. ~Mariel~ on said:

      An Awesome Suspense Thriller, but also a love story the kind of grab a reader by the shoulders suspense that demands to be gulped down as quickly as possible.Great Read This novel has all the bells and whistles that a good mystery thriller needs to captivate the reader The plot kept me guessing with twists and turns I didn t expect The pace didn t let up until it finished I whipped through the pages finding myself laughing out loud on than a few occasions great characters, varied and colorful, [...]

    23. Tess on said:

      Explosion in ParisReviewed by TessMy latest must read book that I ll be touting to all my friends and family is Explosion in Paris, a charming escape from reality, also suspenseful Without question, there is a lot to like about this book We hardly notice how much we are being taught This is a hopeful and moving story with sympathetic and strong characters It is a tale of new love brightening the dark aftermath of a wounded heart and finding refuge in a self made Utopia It is about a journey, a s [...]

    24. Hagen Paulsen on said:

      The reader will be beguiled by this beautiful and touching novel at least I was Off the top, there is no gutter language and no seedy, distasteful scenes It is elegantly written in good taste, sophisticated, refined conversation, great plot, beautiful love story, exciting storyline, and hail to womanhood On top of the luxuriously landscaped exotic geography, the characters were engaging and intoxicating as they made choices that shaped their lives and future This is both a heartwarming and heart [...]

    25. Elaine on said:

      It took me a short while to be drawn in so what ever you do, do not stop reading if at first it does not grab you Believe me you have surprises in store for you The rest of my life was put on hold until I finished it Many developments threw me for a loop, as others I predicted At the center of this story is Ross Stafford The character of Ross Stafford could be considered a cookie cutter character, only because he seems just too perfect, too wonderful, just tooooo of everything that makes every w [...]

    26. L.W. on said:

      The description of this book was than enough to get me to order it, and I was not disappointed When I read so much glowing praise for this book, I was a bit skeptical but curious I was worried that I d be disappointed as has happened so many times before Well, after just two days and a sleepless night, neglecting my life s habits, I have to agree, this book is really seriously good I was pulled into the story from the beginning, an engaging premise and a promising first few chapters as the drea [...]

    27. Lacey Palmer on said:

      I was swept away by this exciting and poignant story This is a box of tissue read EXPLOSION IN PARIS is heartbreaking in ways than one, but the end results will warm your heart.It s amazing how one man can be so heartless to Angela, her own husband, while another man can come along to pick up the pieces, and feel blessed just being able to do so This remarkable novel explores an emotional journey of a woman who found herself lost within her own life and at the bottom of the barrel It s rich in [...]

    28. Eva Mann on said:

      My first book tears for 2012 were shed for Courtney Julia Robert s SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY meets Cary Grant s AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER is the apt review gracing the front cover of this book The last words, What took you so long were magic The tears flowed again, this time for Angela There were endless hints and exciting turns and interesting factors that kept me energized throughout this beautiful storyline No disappointment here This is definite movie material, one I would watch again and again.

    29. Bree on said:

      Wonderful and exciting What a beautiful book this is It is smart and stylish and paced well and has a great plot It is a nail biter and a first rate thriller You will not be disappointed.

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