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Libra By Don Delillo Libra Dealey Plaza Dallas Texas Friday November PM Shots ring out A president dies And a nation is plunged into psychosis Don DeLillo s extraordinary Libra is a brilliant reimagining of th

  • Title: Libra
  • Author: Don Delillo
  • ISBN: 0886192145
  • Page: 384
  • Format:
  • Libra By Don Delillo Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas Friday, November 22, 1963 12.30 PM.Shots ring out A president dies And a nation is plunged into psychosis Don DeLillo s extraordinary Libra is a brilliant reimagining of the events and people surrounding the assassination of President John F Kennedy Concentrating on the lives of Lee Harvey Oswald, some rogue former spooks unhappy with Kennedy s presidency, and Nicholas Branch, a CIA archivist, trying to make sense of or draw inferences from the mass of information after the assassination, Libra presents an unapologeticly provocative picture of America in the second half of the last century.
    Libra By Don Delillo

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      384 Don Delillo

    One thought on “Libra

    1. Marie Macri on said:

      Although I am a fan of DeLillo, I just couldn t get through this one Not his best in my humble opinion White Noise and Underworld are both excellent and I liked them way better than this.

    2. Julie on said:

      Tr s tr s bon livre qui se lit tr s bien avec une intrigue qui colle plut t bien aux faits historiques A lire

    3. Richard B. Schwartz on said:

      I come to DeLillo s Libra via James Ellroy s American Tabloid Ellroy has his own take on the Kennedy assassination, but he praises DeLillo s take very highly When Ellroy praises, I listen.I see now why Ellroy loves the book DeLillo s take is very persuasive and executed with high art DeLillo s Oswald is an alienated loner, seeking to connect with something important He s not sure what that is a momentous event, a large historical process He distrusts all governments ours, the USSR s, the Mexican [...]

    4. william maestas on said:

      Delillo is to be congratulated for digging deep into the life of Lee Harvey Oswald I am of the opinion that Delillo was painstaking in his research of Oswald that it is not fancied or concocted However Delillo s vehicle for recounting Oswald s life is unconvincing The concept that, at least, rogue agents of the CIA sought to stage a failed attempt at the President s life so as to spur an invasion of Cuba is than just farfetched This theory that pinning the attempt on JFK s life on Oswald due hi [...]

    5. Richard M. Hooke on said:

      Really a fun read Delillo takes you on a wild ride to Dallas,through endless rooms of bizare CIA missions, anti Castro Cuban enclaves, and the very strangelife of the enigmatic, US Military Intelligence Spy, Lee Harvey Oswald.Delillo brings these very odd characters back to life, as they truley must have been Captain Dave Ferrie, of the Civil Air Patrol, in particular, God, you will laugh until you cry.His portrayal of underworld figure Carmine Latta, his Carribean network of criminal enterprise [...]

    6. Alex Seelig on said:

      This is such a wonderfully written book But in it DeLillo somehow manages to prophesize the next 20 years of JFK assassination research This book is published a few months before Jim Garrison s On the Trail of the Assassins and yet mimics many of the conclusions Garrison himself came to There is also the question of Oswald and destiny, not in Stephen King s sense, but the question of how long were forces guiding Oswald to his unavoidable fate And who was Oswald, bother literally and figuratively [...]

    7. Philippides on said:

      I did like this book It is the first I read by DeLillo, but it is not going to be the last one.Although a novel, the book is based on real facts and the developings that ended in the assassination of President Kennedy.It helps understand that time in the US, better grasp what that society was like and also the complex, tormented personality of Oswald.It all masterfully captured by the author

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