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An obedient father

An obedient father By Akhil Sharma An obedient father div A stunning novel about family secrets hailed nationwide as a masterpiece Ram Karan a corrupt official in the New Delhi school system lives in one of the city s slums with his widowed daughter a

  • Title: An obedient father
  • Author: Akhil Sharma
  • ISBN: 0670893935
  • Page: 300
  • Format:
  • An obedient father By Akhil Sharma div A stunning novel about family secrets, hailed nationwide as a masterpiece Ram Karan, a corrupt official in the New Delhi school system, lives in one of the city s slums with his widowed daughter and his little granddaughter Bumbling, sad, ironic, Ram is also a man corroded by a terrible secret With the assassination of the politician Rajiv Gandhi, Ram is plunged into a series of escalating and possibly deadly political betrayals As he tries to save his family, his daughter reveals a crime he had hoped was long buried and Ram, struggling to survive, must make amends after a life of deception Taking the reader deep into a world of Indian families and politics, gangsters and movie stars, riots and morgues, An Obedient Father is an astonishing fiction debut, a work of rare sensibilities that presents a character as tormented, funny, and morally ambiguous as one of Dostoyevsky s antiheroes.
    An obedient father By Akhil Sharma

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      300 Akhil Sharma
    An obedient father

    One thought on “An obedient father

    1. None on said:

      An Obedient Father est le premier roman d Akhil Sharma Son anti h ros, Ram Karan, est un personnage bien d plaisant C est un petit fonctionnaire, gros, cupide, menteur, paresseux, alcoolique et p dophile Son activit principale consiste ran onner les directeurs d coles de New Delhi pour le compte de son protecteur, M Gupta.Cette uvre surprenante, m lange de drame et de com die, a obtenu le prix Pen Hemingway Malgr la gravit du sujet et la noirceur des personnages, le lecteur se surprendrait presq [...]

    2. Michael Czobit on said:

      Akhil Sharma didn t make it easy for himself The main narrator of this novel is an awful person who bribes others and commits terrible crimes against his daughter and granddaughter And yet, Sharma makes us feel sympathy and allows us to understand the man s motivations.The book is set in India in the early 1990s, and the country s politics at that time have a role Sharma does a commendable job of explaining just enough without complicating the narrative.All in all, recommended just as Sharma s s [...]

    3. ihusseinl on said:

      It was actually a well written book but the protagonist was so disgusting that it made you want to get it over in a hurry

    4. runnr2000 on said:

      I ve read Akhil Sharma s 2nd book also Family Life and in both cases found that I enjoyed his writing style but the subject matter is a little disturbing In both cases, you find that the subject is not pleasant but its hard to put the book down There is quite a bit of humor and the character types are familiar if you are from the same region as the author I also found his literal translation of Hindi quite funny since it doesn t quite sound right but it comes through without enhancement His book [...]

    5. Eliyahu on said:

      The book is concerned with sin, betrayal, and atonement, subjects which are not popular in American culture Sharma is a serious writer who seems interested only in the most fundamental issues he finds original ways to explore them The book is an emotional ordeal, but completely unsentimental.

    6. Suzanne White on said:

      This densely populated tale gives one a clear view of the kind of dark complexities which can happen in an Indian family In some ways they can happen in many families around the world But India s unusual cultural setup does help make things even complicated A great story I will read it again.

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